Will Uber Conquer India?

uber-1Uber Technologies Inc. American, international transportation network with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, is a very popular company which allows its users to get a cheap taxi by using their mobile applications. This is a very useful method of getting a taxi in no time no matter where you are in the city, or the country for that matter and it is no wonder that this company has been a success from the day it has been established. Uber Technologies Inc. has since spread their business on 52 countries across the world, which has caused many taxi drivers to become resented with the company. It is only the matter of time when Uber Technologies Inc. will literally take over the world.

But things are just about get even better for Uber Technologies, Inc. as they plan a major expansion in the India’s market. With this expansion not only Uber Technologies Inc. will place India on the map of the countries where Uber Technologies Inc. is recording their success, but also it will set off a rivalry with the domestic company for ride-sharing: Ola.

97056394-uber-taxiThe first services of Uber Technologies Inc. in India can be expected rather soon, in the first quarter of March the following year; that is in March 2016. India, is definitely the most important growing market in the world today and Uber Technologies Inc. have definitely made a smart decision when they have decided to expand in this very important market. In goes without saying that Uber Technologies Inc. will achieve success when they expand on the Indian market, however there are a few faces that are frowning upon this idea. Mainly, those are local competitors, who are not only fast-growing, but they certainly pose a threat to this megacompany and its future success.

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Uber Technologies Inc. is reportedly planning to spend an entire sum of $ 1 billion, in order to catch up with Didi Kuaidi in China. Didi Kuaidi is a serious competitive company which has recorded success in the Chinese market and they are backed up even by internet groups Alibaba and Tencent. Since their success with the Chinese market, Uber Technologies Inc. have planned on spending time and money to repeat such success in the other most important market of the Asia and the world, and one of the most fast-growing markets in the world, in India.

uberAll of this proves that the Uber Technologies Inc. is not only a fast-growing company looking for fast growing markets, but also that they are conducting their business in a smart and calculated way. Also, a lot of people would describe this kind of over-zealous behavior as the company’s attempt of being incredibly ambitions. However, whether they will succeed in overtaking and conquering the broad Indian market it remains to be seen in March 2016. By then, we will wish them success and we will keep downloading their apps, just in case we find ourselves in India next spring.

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